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Bethesda Farm raises USDA-certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified, pasture-raised eggs in Florida. We also produce a soy-free egg from hens that do not receive any soy in their feed. We produce all of our own feed at our organic/non-gmo feedmill located in rural St. Augustine. Our eggs are available at Whole Foods and Publix (soy-free not available at Publix) and we are confident you will love the taste of our over-the-top healthy eggs. We are certified by Whole Foods as "Mobile Houses on Pasture" (this name is changing to "Pasture Living"), their most restrictive certification. Their other three certifications include "Cage-Free Plus", "Outdoor Access" and "Pasture-Raised". At Bethesda Farm, the Chicken comes first, and then the Egg.

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