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Pending 2013 Share Announcement (expected Jan/Feb 2013) ----- For 2012, we had 5 share available that sold out over a weekend. We are in the process of evaluating our season and determining if we can increase the number of shares available and the cost per share to cover annual expenses of seed, labor, etc. ----- ABOUT THE FARM: Everything is grown on a 9,000 sf plot at an elevation of 7,300 ft in Indian Hills, Co. The farm plot was built out using all human power (no fossil fuels) to preserve the existing and thriving ecosystem that was already in place (worms, soil micro-organisms, etc). We grow as naturally as possible using NO chemicals (organic or otherwise) and all natural/organic fertilizers when absolutely necessary. This results in bug bitten leaves sometimes - but it's the absolute purest grown produce you will find in the area. ----- CSA MEMBERSHIP: CSA memberships are very limited and very selective. We want to make sure you're a good fit for our style of farming and that you'll be comfortable and happy being part of our farm family. Share prices for 2013 are pending. We do have a small waiting list building if you would like to be considered for CSA membership. ----- 2013 PLANNED CROPS: All your typical crops: Aspragus, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, onions, spinach, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce (lots of lettuce), corn (touch and go at our climate/altitude), melons (still experimenting), tomatillos, brocolli, cabbage, kale, etc. In addition, I have fruit trees and berry bushes that will come into production in around 2014 so then our shares will include fruit too. ----- BONUS ITEMS: Herbs: I will also be growing herbs throughout the farm as a pest deterrant, pollinator attractant and because I love cooking with them, which means I will also add them into the weekly shares as I have them Eggs: I have a few chickens and have eggs for sale on a subscription basis too that you can add to your weekly share Classes: As a master gardener, our entire purpose is to educate the community to help them garden as successfully as possible... so my goal is to start offering free classes for anyone who's interested and start teaching everything Online Resources: In addition to the classes, I'm also going to write articles on how-to's and crop specific articles available on my website (in process of redesign right now) You can also 'Like' Dominical Farm on Facebook to get weekly updates of what we're up to... I have some pictures up there now of us just starting to dig out the raised beds.

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