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Bensman Family Farms is located in Historic Wayne Township, between Waynesville and Lebanon Ohio. Twenty four of the farm's 49 acres are devoted to prairie grass, with the goal of re-establishing a population of Bobwhite Quail and Ringneck Pheasant. The remaining tillable ground is split between hay, pasture and ground for the barns and our house. At Bensman Family Farms we raise cattle the way our grandparents would have. You won't find any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics in the meat we sell. Ever. We raise a limited number of beef cattle for sale to people who are concerned about what they feed themselves and their families. Animals are processed locally to your specifications. We purchase small calves from farmers who care for their animals the same way we do. All of our animals and feed come from other small, local farmers. We like to support our fellow farmers, knowing we are starting out with a quality product and we just need to keep it that way! Our beef breeds include Angus and Hereford, or for those who like larger animals an occasional cross with some Charolais or Simmental. All of our beef is grass fed. If even a quarter animal is too large, ask your friends and neighbors if they are interested in 'cow pooling'. You can divide it among yourselves. Please email us for pricing and availability of meat. The grass fed beef is seasonal as we do not harvest the animals in the winter months when they are on hay. Being a small farm, we do not always have animals available, but the wait is never long and we would love to put you on our preferred list. Also if you would provide us your email address we will send you the occasional email, when our product offerings change.

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