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GOURMET SALAD GARDENS -- Beautiful hanging baskets overflowing with heirloom greens, salad herbs and edible flowers. Each unique basket comes with planting instructions and a recipe card, and makes a great gift. UNIQUE CONTAINER GARDENS -- Short on space? Try our container garden collections, including culinary herbs and gourmet vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, peas and other delectable treats. VEGGIE STARTS, all planted in environmentally friendly "EarthPots", featuring certified organic soil in a biodegradable sleeves -- easier on our world and easier on the gardener. Starts include: GOURMET SALAD GREEN STARTS -- Over 60 varieties of lush greens, each carefully selected for flavor, growing qualities and beauty. FALL AND WINTER VEGETABLE STARTS -- It's so easy to harvest fresh vegetables nearly year-round in our mild climate. Many heirloom varieties available for your cool season garden. HEIRLOOM VEGGIES FOR SMALL SPACE GARDENS -- Sown from organic seed, using all natural methods, these veggies are chosen for their flavor and ability to adapt to smaller growing environments. MINI HOOPHOUSES -- Extend your growing season with our handcrafted, easy-to-install covers for your existing 4'x 8' garden beds. Complete with instructions and everything you need to garden year-round in our Pacific Northwest climate. Custom sizes available.

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