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I started my farm about 3 years ago when I put up my first hoop house, which is a structure similar to to a greenhouse, but it is only heated with sunshine. My hoop houses allow me to grow produce year round, even in the winter. During the traditional growing season, I also have field vegetables and flowers. I named my farm Daylily Maze because I originally started the business with the hope of raising and breeding daylily starts for sale. I have dozens of varieties of dayliles planted in wandering pathways all over my land. I have been raising naturally grown and cage free chicken for eggs and meat. My chickens are well loved and grazed on grass like they should be. I just hatched 94 more this spring. Now they are out grazing and growing fast. This means I will have a lot more farm fresh eggs available soon. As my farm grows, I hope to expand the egg share program and sell produce through email orders. Please check out my farm profile on facebook as well:

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