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We are a small scale family farm dedicated to farming according to sustainable practices that work with nature to produce exceptionally tasty and attractive vegetables, milk, eggs, and bee hive products. We have lots of farm fresh eggs available, especially in the spring and summer months. Our Buff Orpington chickens lay brown eggs and enjoy a spacious run with fresh air and sunshine. Spring and summer are also the time to sign up for our goat milk herd shares! Visit our website for more information on our herd share program. Our LaMancha goats are happy, healthy, and produce delicious milk. Our vegetable CSA runs from July through October and offers a large variety of mostly heirloom vegetables (8-14 types of veggies per week), along with several kinds of fresh herbs, recipes, and a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. We are now planning for the 2021 CSA season. Contact us if you are interested in a CSA share this year as we will likely have some openings. The deadline to reserve a CSA share is March 31st. Pricing information can be found on our website. Seasonally we have extra produce, eggs and bedding plants available for sale. During the summer and fall we may have extra vegetables for sale, especially tomatoes, kale, and sometimes pumpkins and winter squash. Contact us for more information. We also have goat milk and honey soap, beeswax lip balm, and beeswax lotion bars available all year long for sale. We offer classes and presentations in cheese making, beekeeping, making goat milk and honey soap, lip balm, lotion bars, dairy goat care, poultry care and management and sustainable farming. We offer farm tours to groups and organizations. For more information on our farm, please visit our website.

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