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Cotton Cattle Company is a holistically managed, sustainable farming operation dedicated to raising 100% grass-fed beef and pastured chickens. The farm is guided by the triple bottom line concept where actions are only approved if they benefit all parts of our ecosystem - social/community, environmental/land, and financial/our small business. Great tasting and healthy meat is only as good as the land the animals graze on. Located in the heart of the Musconetcong River Valley, our farm has more than 230 contiguous acres of rolling pastures and woodlots. This land is sacred to us. We canĂ¢??t share clean meat with the community unless we start with clean land, which is why we exceed organic and natural standards by managing our farm in a manner that works symbiotically with the land and laws of Mother Nature. We breed and raise our cattle on site, using grass and hay produced on our farm. Our cattle slowly graze across rotational pastures as their ancestors did decades ago. By raising the herd according to their natural and biological needs, there is no need for preventative medicine or growth stimulants. Our beef and poultry are free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and animal byproducts. This is the way nature intended it. You will taste the difference, be healthier for it, and love supporting a greater good. Our products are conveniently available online with delivery anywhere in New Jersey, Long Island, and the New York metro area. All of our beef and poultry is USDA inspected and flash frozen, then shipped directly to your home. Everything is free of antibiotics, artificial hormones and animal byproducts to provide the healthiest and most delicious experience. Our breeds of livestock are meticulously researched and selected by our farm manager to ensure a proper fit for pasture-based farming. In addition to home delivery, you can visit us on Saturday mornings at the Garden Street Farmers Market in Hoboken, NJ. Visit our website to learn more about us, our full line of products (heritage pork, bone broth, etc.), and our home delivery.

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