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WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU If you're looking for healthier alternatives to the feedlot beef and confinement pork then rest assured that you can look locally for these pastured meats as well as remaining loyal to your local market gardeners and orchardists. A Homesteads Pantry @Springsberry Farms Open by appointment only Pasture Raised Beef---from our pantry to yours NO growth hormones No antibiotics Beef is sold in *Assortment boxes of steaks, roasts & ground beef & by the side Priced out as actual beef weights of frozen, vacuum packed beef. *Assortment steak packages - Delmonico (rib steak) , NY Strip, Sirloin, flat iron , skirt, flank, (see list) All ground beef is in 1 1/2 pound packages, All steaks are retail packaged individually with their weights on a sticker.. Currently--- beef available with a 9 month waiting list Currently available: Assorted pork bundles with a 30 day or less wait if you come help wrap--custom processors are at a 6 month wait ! 10lbs@$4.25/pound=$42.50 25lbs+@$4.15/pound=$103.75 __________________________________________________________________ Sides will be available by pre-order(a side of beef weighs ~300# or more) Sides $6.00 per pound deposit --order by January1st ($300 minimum deposit required) *hanging weight, price includes all processing costs Please call 717-334-3791 or email for ordering details

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