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Along the Rush Fork creek below the Black Ridge in south Floyd County is a scenic agricultural valley. This pristine valley has been home and livelihood for the Slusher family for over 125 years. The Slushers have continuously raised cattle since the early days, always working to improve their stock and the land at the same time. Today, we raise forage fed hereford cattle for Fields Edge Beef without feeding antibiotics or growth hormones. We are proud to offer a clean, healthy meat that reflects the hard work of many generations and the love we have for this land. You can order beef online at our website, shipped straight to your door. We also raise heirloom and specialty produce on 5 cultivated acres at the head of the valley. We market produce primarily to wholesale customers. Local pick up at the farm is also an option, contact us for info. Fields Edge Protocols We believe that all animals should be treated humanely and with care. Our USDA processor is animal welfare approved, and they insure that our animals will never be stressed out during the handling leading up to slaughter. Our cattle are outside, on pasture and never kept in confinement We practice rotational grazing, a grazing system of moving cows to fresh ground frequently to improve the land and mimic the natural patterns of grazing animals. We do not feed antibiotics to our animals, only an animal that is sick and in pain will be treated. If they receive treatment we do not market them under our brand. We feed a forage based diet consisting of mostly pasture and hay in the winter months, with a small amount of grain given only as a treat (or a bribe) consisting of corn, wheat, and soy ingredients. Our beef is dry ages approximately 21 days in a cool room to maximize flavor and tenderness. Our hereford cattle won the 2015 and 2016 secor bull test. We love this breed. We want Floyd County cattle to stop ending up in the feedlots out west! Our beef can and should be finished here on grass as part of a more sustainable food system that benefits us all.

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