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As a family, we are living and loving the farm life and our honeybees. It is an honor to care for, and learn from, these amazing and unBEElievable creatures in our small (but growing!) apiary. Our BeeWitching products are handmade on farm using natural beeswax and pure honey. I also love integrating the herbs and flowers I harvest on farm into my BeeWitched Beeuty products which include soaps, lip balms, lotions, salves, body butters, candles and more! I strive to delight my customers with unique and clever products and to provide the opportunity to learn about how we can all help our local honeybees along the way. Our products will be available for purchase online and at farm events. Any excess honey (Yum!), that the bees do not need to overwinter and I do not need for the products, we will bottle for sale. I will also try to do a bit of comb honey each year...because it is just so worth it!

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