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Cove Rock Farm is a small, Southern Appalachian family operation nestled into the northern brow of beautiful Sand Mountain in northeastern Alabama. We offer naturally grown and locally wildharvested herbs which are lovingly handled and harvested during appropriate plant life and lunar phases. We practice and teach ethical wildharvesting, never taking more of a plant than necessary and always leaving plenty behind. We are not resellers so most of our herbs are available seasonally. We professionally manufacture simple herbal tinctures, salves, balms, and other herbal goodies here on the farm. Our brand, Herbaluna, reflects our dedication to lunar gardening. In order to offer you the freshest, most potent herbal salves possible, we do not keep them stocked; instead they are hand made upon order, so please allow a few extra days for shipping. Leanne Holcomb, formally trained and self-taught herbalist, has been studying herbal medicine for 10+ years and holds occasional, free local herbal and women's workshops, but can usually be found lurking in the gardens, woods, and wild places around her home.

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