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FINLEY FAMILY FARM The farm was started in 1991 when Steve and Sandy Finley purchased 3 bred cows from a local farmer. They also raised pigs which at that time was bigger for them then their cattle. The farm was eventually switched to only cattle. For several years the farm was run like most other farms. Corn was produced and fed to the cattle to supplement grazing and steers were fattened out or finished on mostly corn and little forage. The move to grass only occurred several years later by getting involved in an Ohio Soil and Water Conservation program that helped fund fence, and water source development and eliminated plowing on the property. This meant more grazing. So the grazing increased and the need for corn decreased. Flash forward about two years and through discussions with another grass feeding farmer and the addition of grandchildren the farm was switched to 100% Grass raised and finished operation. Currently the farm is managed by father Steve and son Spencer and we run a strictly grass fed beef farm in New Lexington Ohio. We do not use any growth hormones or any unnecessary antibiotics during the growing process. We vaccinate only against diseases that would be detrimental to our herd. In 2015 we added a Heritage pastured pork program raising these pigs with the same guidelines as we have raised our cattle. The pigs because they are a different species do get supplemented with grain. We only use a Non-Gmo grain source. They are pastured and have access to an abundance of woodland treats. We switched to a grass fed and pastured pork program first of all for our children. As we progressed, we realized that we not only want to make sure our family is eating the healthiest meat possible, but we wanted to make sure your family has the same opportunity. The taste and texture of the meat is unbelievable. We guarantee satisfaction and I will almost guarantee you will never want to buy beef from a store again. You will also compare every item you order out to what you have at home. We also welcome anyone who would want to come and see the farm. See how the animal are treated and raised then you would truly; "know what you are eating!" We sell our beef in bulk. (1/4, 1/2, or whole beef) Beef is priced / lb. hanging weight (animal dressed and ready to butcher). Pork is sold by the half and whole based on hoof weight. We also have a federally inspected label and processor that will also allow the sale of meat by the cut / lb. when available. Our goal is for everyone to eat farm fresh 100% GRASS FED BEEF and PASTURED PORK that they do not have to worry about how fresh it is or what the animal might have eaten. All our animals are treated humanely. The happier the animal, the calmer the herd, the better the meat. We want everyone to have beef that is affordable, safe and taste like you raised it right at home. We should all have the opportunity to eat like a farmer. Thank you for your interest in our product

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