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At Eaglemount Farm, our beef diet is grass and barley based giving it excellent taste and tenderness. Our beef are predominantly Angus with some Limousin and Wagyu mixed in. Typically we butcher when the animal is 22-24 months old to optimize tenderness and marbling. Our pork have a barley and mixed grain diet. When available we also feed them goat milk whey which is a delicacy to the hogs. Our boar is Purebred Berkshire and our sow is a Yorkshire/Duroc cross. Their offspring have been fast growers, long bodied and the bacon and pork chops to die for. Beef should average 400lbs. per side hang weight. Cost: $3.25 per lb. hang weight Pork will run about 120lbs. per side hang wight. Cost: $3.50 per lb. hang weight We have Farmer George butcher our beef and Sweeney's Country Style Meats butcher and smoke our pork. (customer pays butcher direct for cut, wrap, smoking etc.) All our animals are hormone and antibiotic free. You will not find this quality of meat in the store so get your orders in today! Also Available: Local grass hay $7.00 per bale. Bring your trailer and I'll load you up.

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