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We are a small family farm in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Established by Rob and Nora Harvey in 1979, Creek Bend Farm was originally a dairy farm. After the dairy closed in 2003, we became inspired by the local, sustainable food movement and started envisioning how we could use my parents beautiful 230 acre farm to produce healthy food for ourselves and our community. In 2010 my wife and I moved back to the family farm and began raising grass-fed beef. We have gradually expanded our operation into pastured poultry, eggs, and pork. At Creek Bend Farm, we raise USDA-certified, 100% grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken and free-range eggs. We strongly believe in utilizing the most sustainable practices and strive to operate above and beyond organic standards. In addition to open access to fresh pasture, our pigs and chickens receive organic or non-gmo feed whenever possible. Our happy cows spend 100% of their lives grazing pasture. Our goals as farmers and stewards of the land are to produce healthy food for the community. We achieve this through a specific type of grazing called Management Intensive Grazing or Rotational Grazing. This means we are moving our livestock every 1-3 days so that the animals have fresh grass and also to give the land time to rest and recover. This style of grazing over time produces deeper, richer soil, healthier grass and cleaner streams. All of our practices are shaped by the goal of improving the health of the land, the animals, and our community. Our products are available at the Hip Donelson and the Dekalb Farmers Markets, direct from the farm (by appointment only), or by arrangement at various Nashville locations. We sell individual cuts of meat or offer a CSA, which is a 20-22 lb monthly share of beef, pork and chicken. Additional information and our price list is available on our website.

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