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David and I grow top-quality produce with a focus on open pollinated and heirloom varieties. We are located on 1/2 acre in Rincon Valley and have added another 1/2 acre just a mile away which allows us to grow a more diverse selection of produce. Though we are not certified organic, we do grow following those principles. We are known as "the chili people" as we grow over 15 kinds of heirloom chilis. Throughout the season they are dried then ground into the finest chili powders, including the Peruvian Aji Amarillo and a very flavorful chipotle. We also offer multi-colored eggs from over 40 very well-loved and cared for hens. Along with what they scratch for in their pasture, they are fed certified organic feed as well as scraps from the garden. They especially love melons and corn worms! Please stop by and say hello - we love seeing new faces at the market!

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