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For Peate's Sake Homestead is a small family farm located in Western New York about an hour south of Buffalo. We started farming, because we wanted a more humane meat option for ourselves and our community. We raise mixed heritage breed pigs on pasture, as well as beef cows, and free range poultry. We have chickens, both for eggs and meat, as well as Narragansett Turkeys and meat rabbits. Our animals are only given medication as needed, and we never use farrowing crates for our pigs. There are also a few bee hives on our farm that provide raw wildflower honey. We sell whole and half pigs and cows as well as individual retail cuts and CSA shares. The cows and pigs are processed at a USDA certified butcher, the chickens are processed on site, and rabbits are processed at a NY State certified butcher.

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