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Brykill Farm raises gourmet quality grass fed beef. Our cattle live their entire lives on pasture and never see a feedlot. No hormones or antibiotics are used. Our animals graze on lush,organically maintained pastures and are range finished on USDA certified organic grain for that melt in your mouth true beef flavor. Our Charlois/Red Angus cross cattle are carefully rotated over our 450 acre estate. Our emphasis at Brykill is to keep up the highest standards of humane treatment of our animals and to keep our dollars working in New York State. Eating at the top of the food chain means we have a responsibility to provide a happy and comfortable life for our cows. It makes us feel better to know they have protection from winter winds and shade in summer heat. Some of our cows have been with us for many years. Our cows are part of the family and we love them! Our farm is located on the historic Brykill estate and is open to our customers for private farm tours, "agrotourismo" style stays and special events. Take a look at our beautiful web site for more info and pictures. Good food Good Mood!

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