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Batten Bay Farm is a produce and cut-flower farm that is totally committed to all natural and sustainable agricultural methods for growing our crops. This provides our customers and family with fresh, safe, healthy, and tasty vegetables throughout the season. We utilize, almost exclusively, compost for fertilizer, and use no chemical herbicides or pesticides. The organic standards we use protects and builds our soil, without damaging the environment and water. Our goal is to provide local, healthy, fresh food, that tastes better because it is chemical free and has not been transported and stored for days and sometimes weeks. However, eating fresh and local also means eating seasonally. We are always looking for new recipes and ways to preserve foods for the winter, such as canning, freezing, and drying are highly desirable. We do attempt to extend the seasons as much as possible by succession planting, the use of hoop houses and through the warming effects of the farm being located next to the river. The harvest from Batten Bay Farm is beneficial to everyone. The consumer is provided with good, fresh food and flowers, it supports the livelihood of our farm and family, building strong community ties and wonderful relationships!

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