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AquaGrowers - Urban Aqauponic Farmers

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Greetings from Livonia, Michigan. AquaGrowers is the first commercial Aquaponic facility in the Superior State. We currently grow several varieties of Tilapia which in turn entirely fertilize our hydroponically-grown produce. This organic production is operated within our indoor facility in Livonia, an urban city in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. We grow a wide variety of produce year round. We constantly are searching for new and exciting plants to grow to meet various niche markets. Leafy herbs such as various basils, oregano, thyme, parsley, and greens like chard, pok-choy, lettuce, beet, collards, kale and chives are doing well in our system on a consistent basis. We have been experimenting with fruiting and flowering crops such as hot peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, squash and okra. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used. Seedlings are fertilized with OMRI certified, vegan fertilizer. The tilapia are never treated with testosterone. We use a combination of plant extracts and oils along with beneficial insects to control any pest issues.

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