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Fort Causeway is a family owned and operated farm, located on the Wyoming/Montana border. We completed our organic certification in 2014 and now offer certified organic, grass fed and finished lamb products. We raise hair sheep of the Katahdin and Dorper breeds, both known for their resilience and hardiness, as well as their mild and delicious meat flavor. Our lambs are born and raised entirely on our farm. We practice humane animal handling, though we are not yet certified. Our animals spend the majority of their lives on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine. We finished the lambs on a nutritious pasture mix that includes a variety of grasses and legumes. Our lambs are not fed grain. We also follow management intensive grazing practices for the overall health of our animals and our land. We occasionally have other grass finished meat products available, including heritage pastured pork, pastured chicken and beef. These items are seasonal and quantity depends upon our production capabilities each year. We hope to offer a steadier supply of pork, chicken and beef in the future. Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs patrol the property, and family loving but job oriented pups are available seasonally. Be sure to check back with us on facebook or our website as our farm is very dynamic!

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