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Looking for small quantities of premium beef? Columbine Manor, located near Williamsport, Maryland, has frozen packs of Longhorn beef available, serving 2 - 4 people. The key to raising great beef is attention to bloodlines and genetics. Grass-fed and humanely raised, the beef are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids. Lots of cool, clean water and good grass are essential to great beef. The beef are allowed to mature to 24 months, dry hung for several weeks to ensure tenderness, then prepared for purchase. Locally raised and processed, all beef is USDA inspected and shrink-wrapped. Only the best cuts are made into steaks. Roasts are prime beef and the ground beef is over 90% lean. The steaks are generously cut, boneless and trimmed. The meat is well marbled but still lean. It is healthy, nutritious and delicious. Only the very best are processed and sold under the USDA label. Marginal or questionable quality is never offered to the public For additional information, pleaase give us a call. You will be glad you took the step towards providing a delicious, nutritional meal for your family.

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