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Avenales Ranch has been stewarding 18,000 acres on the central coast of California since 1875 (six generations) and been certified organic (by Organic Certifies from Ventura) and G.A.P. 4 for the past three years. We sustainably raise black Angus and Hereford cross animals, never using hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, or pesticides. Organic, grassfed and finished, sustainably raised, and dry-aged for 27 days, our beef is your grandpa's beef. Our beef comes in several sizes: Taco Box: 10 pounds, all ground beef Burger Box: 25 pounds, all ground beef Lefty?s Box: 10-pound box of bones Old Si?s Box: 10 pounds mixed box (ground/cuts/steaks) Big Jim?s Box: 25 pounds mixed box (ground/cuts/steaks) We also offer: Whole beef Half beef Quarter beef We ship anywhere in California, Oregon, and Arizona. Visit to find out more!

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