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Clover Meadows Beef is a fifth generation family farm in Wildwood, Missouri. We sell grass-finished beef and also grain-finished beef (your choice). All Clover Meadows Beef cattle are 100% pasture raised. We use rotational grazing so that our cattle always have fresh pasture to graze on. We have chosen to never use herbicides, fungicides or artificial growth hormones. Our farm is what's known as a cow-calf farm, which means all calves are born and raised on our farm. We talk extensively about how our cattle are raised and our pasture management on our website. We try to make buying a cow as easy as possible by providing all-inclusive pricing of the finished beef (no hang weights here!). All pricing on our site includes processing and packaging at a USDA certified facility and free delivery to convenient pick-up locations throughout the St. Louis area. We also offer farm-to-door delivery for an additional fee. Our farm has been honored to receive numerous awards such as the 2016 St. Louis County Farm Family Award and 2019 Missouri Governor's Farm Innovation Award. We've also been featured in local and national media such as RFD TV's "This Week in Agribusiness, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Missouri Beef Cattleman magazine, and Missouri Business News magazine.

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