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Bandera Grassland beef is all natural, grassfed and finished Texas Longhorn. Our animals are not fed grain, or feeds containing animal bi-products or antibiotics. We do not administer hormones or confine our animals. Our cattle are grazed in a rotational system through pastures to assure intake of the highest quality forage and protect the soil from overgrazing. Our beautiful Texas Longhorn cattle are raised in the hills of south-central Texas. They are finished seasonally on our home ranch near Tarpley, TX and our family's property near Austin. Longhorn beef is genetically low in cholesterol; lean, tender and grass feeding assures a healthy level of Omega 3 Fatty Acid and CLA. Grassfed longhorn beef possesses a robust flavor coveted by chefs. We offer custom cut whole carcasses and sides of beef for $6.25 per pound. Smaller quarter and eighth carcasses of equal cuts from both the front and rear quarter are available for $7.00 per lb.

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