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Free Hand Farm produces fresh, full-fat raw milk bottled in glass, exclusively for herdshare members. The herd is Jersey (little brown cows) and Milking Shorthorn (red and white spotted cows), and lives on carefully managed pasture year round, with 2-6 pounds of sprouted barley fed at milking time to each cow. The milk is sweet, creamy, and nutrient dense. Milk testing occurs twice weekly to assure members are receiving the highest quality raw milk possible. Cows raise their own calves, and we take pride in our attentive care of each animal. Other products produced seasonally on the farm are mild, tender grass fed lamb, and chemical-free wool (both raw fleeces and wool products) from our flock of purebred Jacob sheep and hardy mixed breed "mule" sheep. Our sheep are protected 24/7 by a livestock guardian dog who is bonded to them, allowing us to peacefully coexist with the coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and bears in our area. Free Hand Farm utilizes free ranging hens in our pasture management, and these ladies receive sprouted barley and milk, along with whatever they forage from 20 acres of pasture. Their eggs are incredibly delicious, beautifully colored, and an amazing "whole food". We also offer a limited amount of barley and milk fed pork, and pasture-raised broilers, on a seasonal basis. Please call ahead to schedule a farm tour or learn more about our farm.

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