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100% GrassFed Organically* raised Beef & Lamb; Pastured Organically* with NO Soy Pork, Chicken, Turkey and Ducks, Heirloom Vegetables and Farmstead products available in the Tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, & Wisconsin, or shipped nationwide. We raise Belted Galloway beef rated #1 in taste and #2 in tenderness by UW tests. USDA processed and dry aged for 18-21 days by a small family butcher, then cut and froze individually. NO ANTIBIOTICS, ANTIPARISITES, ADDED HORMONES, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, or CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS are used. Our family started 10 years ago to create a Bio-diverse, Biodynamic*, Organic*, Sustainable, and Permiculture Eco-system. A self-contained farm where the animals fertilize the land & the resulting living soil and grasslands feed the animals. We have introduced 8 different animal species to roam our land. Many are Heritage or endangered breeds. We also raise horses, & Great Pyrenees guard dogs. As members of the Cherokee Tribe, we work in Harmony with the wildlife in our woods to increase wild habitat & bio-diversity. We have encouraged the re-growth of native vegetation, and will add more diverse plants each year creating a permiculture. The animals have opportunity to eat the foods they would eat in the wild, while finding the most pure, Certified Organic sources for any feed we must give. We feed NO Grain to our Beef and Lamb! And NO Soy to our Poultry and Hogs. Optimum health is achieved by humane treatment (we do not cut or dock our animals), fresh grass, herbs, sunshine & air, and by a reliance on nature before we intervene. We believe this creates optimum nourishment in the foods that we nourish ourselves with and optimum life in the environment we live in. *We are in the process of obtaining our USDA Organic and our Bio-dynamic Certifications. Purchase our meat at our farm, at Farmer's Markets in LaCrosse & Madison, WI; in the Minneapolis area; and soon in NW Chicago. Shipping is available. Farm visits and tours are encouraged.

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