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Big Sycamore Farm St. Charles, MO We are a small uncertified organic farm located in St. Charles, MO. We grow a variety of unique cold and warm season crops available for sale at the St. Charles Farmer's Market on Riverview Rd. We practice a variety of farming methods including dry farming, french intensive, no till, and permaculture. Our chickens are truly pasture raised and fed organic feed. We rotate the flock biweekly using a mobile chicken coop and electric poultry netting. Big Sycamore Farm is ran primarily by Nolan and his wife Ally with help from our friend, Brennan. Our five acre farm is located along the bottomlands of the Mississippi and Missouri river confluence. Such fertile soil! Our goal is to provide our area with fresh, local, homegrown produce. "Health begins in the soil" Salud!

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