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We are Aronia berry growers & producers of 100% PURE "cold press" Aronia Juice. BLAZERFARMZ is a multi-family run & managed business offering "fresh-frozen" aronia berries & other related products. You can find us on the web & locally in our farmer's markets. Our seasonal harvest occurs in mid to late August. Many people are not aware that our Aronia berries (black chokeberries) are a super antioxidant-rich food which is very unique and similar in appearance to blueberries & yet possess a similar taste profile to Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Our berries are available "fresh-frozen" year-round. We may also have limited offerings of elderberries, black currants & our own local honey. Our farms are privately operated & not open to the public without the owners permission. ~ appointments are required via a email contact. We grow and offer 100% natural, GMO free & pesticide free produce.

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