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We are a small commercial orchard established in 1995 in the gently rolling hills of Licking County, Ohio. For 15 years we have been a pick-your-own orchard with up to ten varieties of crisp and tasty disease resistant apples. We sell apples when available and unpasteurized sweet cider in season. We do not sell hard fermented cider although we sell untreated sweet cider (apple juice) that you can make into hard cider. We will tell you how to turn it into a high quality cider using just the native yeast in a slow and lengthy fermentation yielding a smooth and somewhat dry wine-like drink with a slight effervescence. Since the beginning of our orchard, we have been committed to producing high quality apples practicing low input sustainable agriculture and are now certified organic. We accomplish this by growing only disease resistant varieties of apples. Additionally, you can be assured that our products made from the apples are free of chemicals and synthetic pesticides.

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