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A family owned and operated Bicentennial Farm, we raise the finest grass fed beef, lamb, and pork, all bred, born and raised on our farm. Our livestock is raised on the grasses, hay, baleage and silage that we grow on our farm. Dedicated to keeping heritage breeds to sustain our farm, we raise Irish Dexter cattle and Irish Dexter Scottish Highland cross breeds; American Guinea Hogs; and Shropshire, Dorset, and Hampshire/Dorset cross breeds. We also raise Midget White Turkeys, free to roam our farm and eat naturally all day long, voluntarily returning to roost at night in the secure cages we provide for their protection from the many predators that roam Matunuck. Bill Browning is the 11th generation of his family to farm here. The stewardship of this land, the care of the livestock that is raised here, and the continued agricultural production of this farm has been and continues to be his lifelong commitment.

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