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Alpine Acres - All Grass Petite Beef is a family owned and operated cattle ranch located in the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in NE Oregon. We raise our animals on all grass from the time they are born to the time of harvest. Our operation is managed humanely using only those inputs that are natural to our cattle and our land. Our animals are miniature so the beef provided to you has many advantages to the consumer. These advantages include smaller portion size, less storage space, yet still receiving the luxury of purchasing all the available cuts from a beef animal. Alpine Acres has been raising grass fed beef since 1989. It is important to our family that we raise a product through sustainable practices that is healthy for us to eat. Our desire is to provide the same quality healthy beef to you that our family has been eating for years. We produce petite sized beef to those consumers who are concerned about healthy beef, who want to control their portions, and who want to know what has gone into their beef from start to finish.

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