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CS Farm is a family farm located in Ronda, North Carolina, owned by Chad, Mary, and Anna Sale. We specialize in raising quality, heritage breed Duroc hogs, Katahdin sheep, Angus cows, Narragansett turkeys, Buff Orpington hens, and mallard ducks. Our animals are bred from a carefully selected breeding stock. We are proud to say our stock is born/hatched on the premises in a closed, biosecure environment. This allows us to raise livestock and poultry without the use of antibiotics due to minimal disease risk from outside sources. Our goal is to promote a personal relationship between our farm and your table. We believe people should know exact details about their food ranging from what it has eaten to how it was raised from start to finish. Since 2012, we have raised non-GMO grains to feed our livestock. Taking this step further reduces the probability of unnatural or harmful chemical substances going directly into the animals' daily diet. Using premium quality grains that we personally produce on our farm ensures a top notch meat product for our customers.

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