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We are a local safe, small family farm committed to producing healthy produce without the use of pesticides, chemical herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We farm 17 acres in Deer Park and have numerous years of experience in vegetable production. We produce a specialty Mediterranean cucumber that is one of the best cucumbers on the market and a favorite of those who buy from us. We have 4 large greenhouses that we use to start the season a little earlier and end a little later to continue providing a variety of fresh produce as long as possible. We are constantly looking for a product that has great taste, quality and freshness from our farm to your kitchen. We offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes in addition to selling at the local farmer's markets, where you can also support the farmer directly. You will have the ability to know exactly how and where your food was grown, with unsurpassable freshness. Our experience tells us that in any given season some crops do better than others. We will put a variety of produce in a share box each week with varying items throughout the season. Our philosophy in selling at the local farmer's markets and selling you CSA boxes, is to give you the ability to know exactly how and where your food was grown, with the quality and freshness that you deserve.

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