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Carolina Grassfed Beef & Free-Range Eggs is a division of Double M Farm, Inc., located in the beautiful foothills of Anderson, SC. The farm has been family owned and operated since 1847. What makes our grassfed grass-finished beef so delicious? The simple truth is animal genetics, the quality of the grass and hay they eat, the minerals we mix, and never using de-wormer, hormones or antibiotics ensure that we have a consistently superior product. While many beef producers claim all-natural or organic, their cattle are fed grain or grain by-products. Our beef is from grassfed grass-finished animals that never receive grain or grain by-products. All of our grassfed beef cattle are born & raised on our family farm in Anderson, SC. Animal genetics. We start with a superior line of Trask Polled Hereford, an heritage breed of Hereford cattle. We knew Mr. Trask personally and have had Trask cattle on the farm since 1950. We choose animals that show phenotypic traits for finishing exceptionally well on grass. We base this on information gained through years of studying the teachings of Gearld Fry and the late Charles Walters, who base their teachings on the wisdom of Dr. Jan Bonsma, James Drayson, and Heino Messerschmidt. Quality grass and hay. We follow the Albrecht method of soil fertility as the first step in producing quality grass and hay. Simply stated, if you feed the soil microbes what they need, the soil will feed the grass what it needs, which in turn feeds the animals what they need to finish on grass. We annually send soil samples from our pastures and hayfields to a lab that tests for trace elements to ensure we apply what is actually needed by the microbes. The standard ton of lime per acre is NOT what hayfields need. If it worked people would not have to keep doing it, yet this is what folks who are supposed to know recommend without even doing a soil test! We use management intensive grazing practices, or rotational grazing, which is how foraging animals eat in the wild. This encourages distribution of grass and forbe seeds, ensures the animals continually eat the most nutritious grass and forbes, fertilizes the grass, and reduces the carbon footprint by sequestering carbon! We do not use herbicides or pesticides in our pastures and hayfields! We believe that the Creator put everything we and our animals would ever need right here. Most of the weeds that people kill by spraying herbicides are actually full of nutrients and medicine. We love to see Plantain, Violet, Clover, Shepherds Purse and Chickweed in our fields and pastures! Minerals. We mix our own minerals as the store-bought bags do not contain enough of most elements. Using our formula learned from Gearld Fry, we no longer need to vaccinate and de-worm our cattle. Most other producers vaccinate and de-worm twice a year! No antibiotics or hormones ever. We do not take antibiotics or hormones, so why would we give them to the animals that we eat? Because of our animal management program, rarely do we have an injured or ill animal. We see each animal several times a day, so if something unforeseen comes up we are on it almost immediately. When medicine is required we use herbal remedies as we do for ourselves! If anything serious were to come up, the animal would be removed from the grassfed program. We choose for genetics that do not produce problem animals! Our Free-Range Eggs are gathered from Moyers Red Chickens that spend their days freely being chickens and doing what chickens do: wandering around the farm, scratching in the dirt and eating grass, bugs and the feed that we mix. Free-Range Eggs contain less cholesterol & saturated fat, and more vitamin A, omega 3's, beta carotene, and vitamin D than factory-farm eggs (source: Mother Earth News).

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