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LAMB MEAT - From our farm to your table WHY NOT LAMB? WHY WE SHOULD EAT MORE LAMB The other red meat is good for you! Lamb meat has eight essential amino acids in the proper ratios, has high-quality protein, and is high in B vitamins, zinc, and iron. And lamb is pretty lean compared to other red meats. Most of the fat is on the outside, not marbled throughout the meat, so it is easily trimmed off. About 36 percent of the fat in lamb is saturated fat, and the rest is mono or polyunsaturated fat. And there is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is a unique antioxidant that the human body cannot produce, but must get from eating herbivores like sheep, goats, or cows. Lambs that get clean pasture and range in the sunshine produce the most CLA. COOKING Racks, shanks, leg of lamb, lamb chops, lamb shoulder-where to begin? Whatever the cut, the key to tasty lamb is not to overcook it! Cook to medium are, or 140 degrees F, which is the temperature that most chefs prefer for lamb, leaving all the juices, texture, and flavor intact. In general, rack of lamb is great when roasted or grilled. Leg of lamb can be marinated and roasted, and shanks respond well to braising and roasting. You can cook lamb the same as you do beef but the remember to cook lamb to 140 degrees. When you buy from Arise and Shine Farm we will supply you with recipes. Taste the difference in each cuts of grass fed, pasture raised lambs. Our sheep are raised within their natural social groups on pastures, only supplemented with small amounts of grain at breeding and when they have their lambs. Their ability to express their natural instinctual behavior in a low stress environment results in lean and flavorful meat, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta carotene. You will fine it to be the healthiest and most delicious lamb meat you have ever eaten. Grass fed lamb production is our passion. We raise lambs traditionally, humanely, and sustainably. We practice rotational grazing which gives us better pastures and is better for the environment. Whether you are looking for the best lamb meat for your dinner table or for special occassion, Arise and Shine Farm offers quality at the right price. Expose your family to fresh, healthy food raised locally. We maintain our flocks at sustainable levels. They are all pasture raised naturally, without pesticides or hormones. We believe all these factors adds up to a naturally flavorful and healthy product. All of our lambs are raised on our farm so we are in control of our product from start to finish. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE-EVERY WAY-EVERY DAY Thanks to excellent production practices, American lamber is tender, delicious and available year-around. American lamb complements a wide range of ingredients to impart a sweetly rich flavor that awakens the senses. Choosing American lamb�s versatile value cuts gives you a leg up on casual weekday meals or brings elegant showcase dinners to superior new heights with sizzling results on a budget every time. A star choice for your table-from braising and stewing to grilling and roasting-American lamb lends itself perfectly to many different cooking preparations to bring out its natural simplicity, buttery tenderness, abundant nutrition and affordability for any meal, any day of the week. From local farms to family kitchens, BUDGET-FRIENDLY VALUE CUTS 0F LAMB STAR AS THE CENTERPIECE OF THE TABLE, PROVING THAT AMERICAN LAMB OFFERS MORE THAN THE QUINTESSENTIAL RACK OF LAMB. Although most people are familiar with the elegant, meaty, and tanatalizing rack, American lamb provides American families an abundance of gratifying cut options to create simple, flavor meals. Long in demand for the unparalleled rack, American Lamb offers other healthy cuts like the shoulder, leg, loin, and breast that are readily available year-around, easy to prepare and affordable. Although lamb has always been an icon of extraordinary dining,our value cuts of meat make it easy to prepare an effortless, restaurant-quality meal at home. American lamb�s lesser known cuts offer the same versatility and delicate flavor we�ve come to expect from the rack of lamb. Plus, with more meat on the bone than imported alternatives, the AMERICAN LAMB CUTS MEAN MORE VALUE FOR YOUT PALATE AND YOUR POCKETBOOK. The bottom line is that any way you cut it, AMERICAN LAMB IS DELICIOUS

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