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Dancing Sprouts Farm is a small market garden on shared land in Orting, WA. We grow more than 200 varieties of fresh vegetables, salad greens, and herbs -from your favorite standbys to unusual heirlooms- and run a long-season CSA with pickups in Seattle, Tacoma. and Orting. We believe that everyone deserves to be nourished and delighted by the foods we eat, and love connecting you with your food from seed to fork! We are proud to grow fresh, wholesome produce for our local community in a way that supports the eaters, the growers, and the earth. Our practices: We care deeply about stewarding seed diversity, and grow a number of heirloom and rare vegetable varieties while maintaining native pollinator habitat throughout the farm. We farm mostly by hand (low-till), focus on building fertile, living soils, and never use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Our farm: Our half-acre lease is tucked along the fertile Puyallup River in the majestic shadow of Mt. Rainier, on the traditional lands of the Puyallup Tribe. We acknowledge their historic and continued presence and stewardship of the place we now work.

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