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We are a small family farm dedicated to producing extraordinary milk from exceptional goats. Our clients get their raw goat milk, as well as kefir, yogurt and cheese, through our year-round herd share program, which is Alaska's legal method for obtaining raw milk. We have several driving co-ops whose Anchorage and Eagle River members take turns picking up weekly for the group. Our goats are fed local grass hay and alfalfa year round, with access to a variety of browse during the summer. We supplement their diet with a corn-free/soy-free grain ration, sea kelp, and organically derived minerals. We routinely treat lactating or food-producing animals holistically, without antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. We have beautiful registered American Alpine kids available in the spring and summer as future milking does, breeding bucks, and pack wethers. Our bloodlines have been carefully chosen to produce excellence in conformation as well as bounty in the milk pail; and the entire herd is blood-tested yearly for CAE, CL, and Johne's. Our show, appraisal, health, and milk test records are available for inspection. Our livestock guardians of choice are Maremma Sheepdogs (an Italian breed similar to Great Pyrenees) and Sharplaninatz, a guardian breed whose origins are in Serbia and Macedonia. We anticipate having one litter per year, so ask us to put your name on our waiting list for a puppy if interested in having a fabulous flock or herd guardian of your own. Visit our Cottonwood Creek Farm Facebook page to see pictures of the dogs, as well as the goats. Need some baby goats at your next event? Whether it's goat yoga or just snuggling some baby goats, our "kids" are guaranteed to put a smile on your kids' faces!

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