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I grew up living in the beautiful town of Woodstock, Vermont and dreamed of bringing my own family back here one day. Sitting down for our 16th wedding anniversary dinner in Pittsburgh, PA, Louis and I started to plan our our journey back to these beautiful mountains, covered bridges, and people grounded in their community. The idea to build a farm on our open skied property seemed to come as naturally as our decision to move back to Vermont and we haven't looked back! Our friends and family helped put our first garlic bulbs in the ground in 2015 and we bought our first lavender stock from our local nurseries and every year we work hard to build our farm out just a bit more! Our farm focusses on wellness, the eating of whole foods, healthy lifestyle, and whole organic botanicals used in our "Original Eden" Hemp and CBD product line.

My desire to further the healthy aspects of our farm into the world of lyme disease treatment and body detoxification, has come about from seeing the staggering cases of lyme disease and chronic cases of inflammation effecting healthy, active people. Bio-magnetic therapy is gentle on the body and does not utilize antibiotics and pharmaceuticals of any kind. We are bodies of electromagnetic energy, it makes sense to heal them with energy.

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