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Balfour Farm is a certified organic dairy and farmstead creamery. We operated completely off the grid, with most of our power coming from our solar system and a generator providing power during milking. We milk up to 12 Normande and Normande cross cows. We milk once a day. The cattle are pastured 24/7 in the grazing season, and have daily exercise, spending little time in the barn in the winter. We feed a small amount of organic grain with the hay and baleage we make ourselves. We are a closed herd- we raise our own calves for replacements and do not buy in any cattle. All of the milk we produce is used int he crealery to make raw milk cheddar cheeses, gouda, tomme style and original recipe cheeses. We pasteurize milk for yogurts, soft cheese, fresh cheese and bloomy rinds(brie style). Our farm also raises pork and has laying hens for eggs We have a small farm store called The Little Cheese Shop, a local cheese and wine shop where we stock our products and complimentary products made in Maine. We milk year round and attend two farmers markets each week: Portland and Brunswick We host two open houses each year, Open Farm Day in July and Open Creamery Day in October. The farm is open to the public on these days and we give extensive tours.

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