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Our biodynamic farm is located in the glacial moraine of central Minnesota. Approximately 125 acres is managed under a grass based, cultivated 4-6 year rotation, 70 acres is in permanent pasture and 10 acres in restored native tall-grass prairie. We steward the land organically and biodyanically to foster the relationship between humanity and the beings of nature while growing the food that nourishes us, taking care of animals and tending to prairies, fields and forests. We strive to be self-sufficient within the farm organism and help the community to further itself in this endeavor. The farm produces grass, beef, dairy, eggs, and broilers. The cattle are born on the farm and spend their entire lives here. We have a mixture of breeds, which include Angus, Jersey, White-Faced Hereford, and Shorthorns. Our animals are rotationally grazed during the growing season and during the winter months they are sheltered in a bedding loafing shed with outdoor access. The animals are harvested on the farm by a local butcher, sparing them the experience of hauling and a slaughter house.

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