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Delicious fresh eggs and hand-raised chicks! We raise twenty breeds of heritage chickens. Every one of our birds is raised with personal attention and plenty of handling so they are all friendly. Most of our lady hens find careers as laying backyard chickens. They are especially good for this because they have all been hand-raised so they have sweet dispositions and will walk right up to you and ask to be picked up. We have LOTS of chicks for sale, from newly hatched babies in March up to young pullets who are just starting to lay in summer. In spring we also offer "rent a chick" so kids can take care of baby chicks for a week in their home. We supply the whole setup to do that. Kids really enjoy caring for a small fuzzy animal and at the end of the week you can bring them back. Our birds spend much of their time outdoors on rotated pastures eating bugs, worms and organic feed. Our eggs are high in omega 3 and noticeably tasty. Besides foraging in the field, we feed them fresh fruit and vegetables, too. We offer hands-on classes every other month in how to best care for your own backyard hens. Everything you need to know to get started with chickens. Spring 2012 will be posted soon, probably starting in late March. Breeds we raise include Buckeyes", Mottled Javas*, Delawares*, Cubalayas*, New Hampshires*, Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Light Brahmas*, Cuckoo Marans, Jersey Giants, Wyandottes*, Russian Orloffs*, Cochin Standards, Barred Rocks, Lakenvelders, Speckled Sussex, Welsummers*, Golden Sexlinks, Easter Eggers (blue-green eggs). Chickens with * are listed as endangered and in the Ark of Taste. We have baby chicks ready or will raise some just for you. Just tell us what kinds you want and what date and we'll hatch them out. Besides a few hundred heirloom chickens, we also have rescued or rehabilitated animals for adoption for a donation to the feed fund. What we have varies and may include parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, guinea pigs, rabbits. You can also see our farm macaws, ducks, geese, fancy pigeons and more. My neighbor says coming here is "like going to the bird zoo." You're welcome to come and visit. Call us to arrange a time.

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