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Experienced, fertile soils, reliable water supply. There are many factors that go into making a good CSA. Leigh Hauter, Bull Run Mt's owner and farmer is one of the most experienced CSA farmers in the DC area. Leigh, a former high school teacher, has now been CSA farming for more than twenty years. We were the first farmer owned CSA in the DC area. For the past two decades we have been steadily building up the quality of our soil. Here at Bull Run Mountain CSA we are not dependent on adequate rainfall. Our water comes from two continuously flowing artesian springs that reliably, year after year, provide pure, cool spring water for our vegetables. The upper spring provides 24 gallons per minute. The lower 35 gallons. 'Over the two decades plus I've been growing vegetables I've seen many CSA's coming and many of those CSA's disappear. Here at Bull Run Mountain we have a proven record and a reliable water supply and while there are always factors outside a farmers control, (destructive storms and insects, two of the most obvious) my experience and our farm's reliable water supply give us an advantage over other farms. Finally, we are still an old time CSA. Most farms today that call themselves CSA's are actually box programs. With those farms you sign up to get a box of vegetables each week. Not only are these farms selling vegetables through a box program but they are also selling their harvest at farmers' markets, at farm stands, at auctions, restaurants and on the market. At Bull Run Mountain Farm are complete harvest goes to our shareholders. Our members are provided with everything we grow. There is none of the sticking the seconds into the box program and selling the first's at market where they will bring a higher price. Our members get the best vegetables we grow, from an experienced farmer using our reliable water supply.

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