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At Freedom Farms, you will find the largest selection of antique, heirloom and heritage varieties of Apples & Peaches to tempt your taste buds. We grow over 100 varieties of Apples & Peaches. We have carefully selected and planted only the best varieties of each type of fruit by season to provide you with tree-ripened succulent produce from May through New Year's Day. Our goal is to provide you with premium fruit varieties and flavors unavailable from other sources as well as a few of your old-time favorites; all carefully grown to perfection! All fruit is individually handpicked at the peak of ripeness to offer you complex flavors unavailable in stores. Feel free to email us with any questions. Here is a list of some of the varieties we grow: William's Pride Pristine Redfree Gingergold Initial Dayton (removed) Murray (removed) Smokehouse Akane Buckeye Gala Crimson Gala Gale Gala Honeycrisp Crimson Crisp Sweet 16 Crown Empire Hampshire Macintosh Scarlet O'Hara Red Jonagold Sir Prize Auvil Early Fuji Liberty Adams Red Del Gibson Golden Delicious Enterprise Grimes Golden Freedom Cameo Law Red Rome Beauty Mutsu/Shizuka Stayman Winesap, Snapp Banning Red Fuji Arkansas Black Autumn Rose Fuji Granny Smith Goldrush Pink Lady

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