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We are a very small heritage breed farm in western Pennsylvania. We raise American Milking Devon cattle for beef, Gloucestershire Old Spot pork, pastured eggs and turkeys. Our aim is to reintroduce an extraordinary eating experience while providing a simple, joyful life for our animals. We selected this breed not because it is trendy or because the cows are so unusually beautiful (which they are), but because they are the best of all worlds; a high quality beef cow with simple needs that also happens to produce rich milk of the highest quality. As the future of our food becomes less and less certain, it is critically important to protect the genetic diversity of our livestock and seeds to insure the adaptability of our food supply. Although most Americans are unaware; small farmers with self-sufficient diversified farming systems provide an important food insurance policy to America today. They are the last true source of free choice available to American eaters. We call our farm a modern heritage foodstead to describe our blending of old ways with modern ones. The foodstead part refers to our choice to sell food not commodity products directly to those seeking healthy, non-industrial, humanely raised meats.

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