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The Flying B Bar Ranch is a family-operated farm located in the Illinois valley, specializing in flowers, especially roses, fresh and preserved, and pasture-fed cattle, sheep, and alpacas for meat and fiber uses. We also have a growing line of fiber products at all levels from raw fleece up through died handspun and millspun yarns. Supplementally we produce naturally grown vegetables and fruit, along with grass and oat hay. We continue to grow our sustainable farming practices through cyclic usage. Our livestock manures get processed and cycled into fertilizer for our roses. Our rose clippings/leaves, weeds, lawn clippings get fed to our livestock. Come visit our farm shop to see and purchase our products. HISTORY: The Flying B Bar Ranch is one of the original homestead ranches of Southern Oregon. Homesteaded by William McMullin in the 1860's, the ranch has been home to a variety of operations beginning with cattle farming for the first few decades. When purchased from the original family in the late 1940's, and through the 1950's, cattle again became the dominant product of the Ranch. During the 1960's, as cattle production value decreased, the ranch moved producing beef and began to look for other crops. In the mid 1990's, the ranch under the hands of the Bixby's, saw it begin its start as a rose growing facility and by 1999, when the current owners took over, the ranch boasted a production base of over 1500 rose bushes. The line portion of the crop of flowers each year being processed into freeze-dry preserved flowers. Today, the ranch boasts over 3500 garden-style rose bushes, with an annual production of over 500,000 flowers. With 8 freeze-driers and supplemental drying methods, most of the flower crop is preserved as either flowers or petals for dried floral, wedding, funeral, and other purposes. This makes the Flying B Bar Ranch the dominant source of freeze dried garden roses in the United States. In addition to the flower crop, the Flying B Bar has again begun production of livestock, with a diversified blend of sheep, cattle, alpacas, and a goat. The 2008 season marks our first crop of locker lambs, in addition to our growing production of wool and alpaca fiber products. In addition to freeze drying flowers, the owners are also beginning work on production of a line of natural fungus fiber dye products as well.

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