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Back To The Country Farm offers wholesome, healthy Pastured Pork, Day Range Eggs, and Pastured Poultry. Now accepting orders for Pastured Pork and Poultry. Please contact us if you'd like to be added to our waiting list for raw milk. We are not able to take new milk customers at this time. We have Buff Orpington chickens which are a heritage breed known for good production in all seasons. They lay golden brown eggs which far surpass any you will find at the grocery store both in taste and nutritional value. They have complete free range of the farm during the day, and are put up in a very cozy hoop house overnight for protection from the large coyote population. We raise Large Black Hogs on pasture. They are a heritage breed preferred by fine chefs for their excellant flavor! As well as grazing and rooting for food, our pigs receive milk, vegetables, fruit and are supplemented with grains. They are raised all natural; we do not clip teeth, ring their noses, nor dock their tails. All of our animals are fed DE [diatamacous earth] as a natural wormer. We use No chemical additives nor routine medications/antibiotics. Our animals would receive vet care if sick or injured, however we would not sell that animal, nor its products, for a minimum of six months. We do not use chemicals of any kind [fertilzer nor pestisides] on our farm. Of our six children, four are still living at home. We strive to provide the healthiest, most wholesome food possible for our family. Our promise to you is to always provide for sale only that which we would feed our own children.

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