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Bear Country Bees is a family beekeeping business that was born out of a desire to save the honey bee population and to helping backyard beekeepers get started. Our goal is to help reduce the amount of bees that die from various diseases and insecticide buildup inside the hive. We are working towards this end by creating innovative, hygienic beekeeping supplies to help provide the bees with a more hygienic environment in which to live and thereby increase their chances of survival. Our products aim to help beekeepers keep their honey bees alive longer which will save significant amounts of time and investment. In addition to our innovative products we supply honey, beeswax candles, beehives, honey bee packages, beekeeping tools, and other beekeeping equipment to our backyard beekeepers. We also provide honey bee swarm removal service, beekeepers education classes, and other educational materials. Though we are a business, our favorite thing to do is to coach our backyard beekeepers. We love to see our beekeepers succeed and we work every day to make that happen. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing the smile of success on the face of those we serve.

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