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We are a micro farm located a few miles off the interstate. On our small acreage we grow vegetables including; tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, sweet corn, green beans, purple hull peas, okra and many others. This year we are also trying our hand at growing gourds, varieties include birdhouse and long handle dipper gourds, we have open pollinated heritage gourd seeds available. We sell eggs from our hens who live on pasture every day, they eat all the grass they want and the result is healthy, delicious, rich eggs. We also raise a few broilers, and process them on the farm they are available only when we process and are sold fresh. We will be raising and selling whole hogs for those that reserve one. We take pride in raising our animals the way God intended for them to be raised; our chickens live on pasture and our pigs root and forage to their hearts content. The result is good tasting healthy meat for your family. We feel good about producing it so you can feel good about eating it.

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