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We are a small family farm raising a herd of holistically managed Nubian goats for their amazingly creamy milk. With this milk I make the most amazing Goats Milk Soap using only the very best organic ingredients and food grade lye to saponify the oils into soap. I almost always have soaps on hand for sale and can do special custom orders as well for those that have allergies. Custom orders require you purchase a minimum of 6 bars. I never use any fragrance oils in my soaps, (they are either unscented or scented with high quality organic essential oils and herbs,) or artificial colors. My soaps are naturally colored depending on the oils and herbs used. I create beautiful natural colors with things like spirulina, spinach, beets, turmeric and blueberry powder! Here is a link to my etsy shop where you can find my creations, My soaps are excellent for all skin types but were specially created for people with sensitive, dry, eczema prone skin. Other offerings are freshly baked organic sourdough bread using organic heirloom flour, custom crafted healing salves created from organic herbs I either purchased or harvested myself from organically cared for land. A staple in our household is my Neem Oil salve, also called Summer Salve. It's good for EVERYTHING! Seriously! Dry chapped skin, chapped lips, wind burn, sun burn, eczema, gardeners hands, burns, diaper rash, insect repellent, bites, infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises etc. Neem oil is notorious for curing every skin ailment there is. The ingredients in this are all organic, neem oil, coconut oil, lavender and tea tree essential oils, herb infused high oleic safflower oil and beeswax. It smells earthy and feels amazing. We keep several jars around the house plus a jar in my purse and jars in the cars. You can't have enough of this stuff! I make custom crafted herbal tea blends using organic herbs I either harvested myself or bought. I can make a special blend for you based on your needs, (examples are sleeplessness, liver cleanse, heart health, nursing support, PMS,) or I can recommend some of our family favorites. I make a line of simple, natural, organic facial care products that I use myself. I'm a no muss, no fuss kind of gal, it's wash, spray with toner, and one moisturizer/serum to cover everything! Works beautifully for all skin types. I also create gorgeous heirloom wool blankets, wraps, shawls and fingerless mittens. Shipping is available but if you're local, Spring is kidding season and a fun time to visit the farm and see the baby goats frolicking in the fields. Please call or email anytime for availability and custom orders. 209 786 1861

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