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Small pet/hobby herd of beef cattle. Raised on leased land that is managed by myself plus very kind friends and family! Looking for a different avenue from the local auction house to sell quality, healthy beef. Raised on pasture from birth to butcher. Cubes are used minimally to move cattle from one place to the next (a bag of cubes last me for several months). Minimal to no vaccinations used. Occasionally I buy cattle and do not know what they may have been exposed to in the past so that is the only reason I can not say 100% vaccination free. I personally hate vaccinating and GMO feed, so try my best to keep my cattle away from them. My goals for raising beef is to produce healthy, nutrient dense meat, naturally, low stress and humanly as possible. I also enjoy being able to help older landowners who are unable to manage their property by themselves, and wish to maintain their fences, fields & ag exemptions.

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